Michelle Arvin, CD(DONA), CLSC

Helping families of all kinds through their reproductive journeys.

The picture I’m attaching a testimony of our experience with you, and the correct answer to the question “So, what is it that a doula does?” (from a new papa)

Why hire a doula?

The more support, the better! With my training and experience, I can help bring a calm, knowledgeable and more objective perspective to a highly emotionally charged and physically challenging time. Both statistical studies and anecdotal evidence show that having a doula on one’s labor support team can lead to overall shorter labor time, fewer interventions (including cesarean birth), higher satisfaction with birth experience and longer duration of breast/chest feeding. It is important to note as well, that my role of support does include assisting you in obtaining medications if desired, not prioritizing a goal of unmedicated or “natural” birth unless that is your previously stated wish.  If for example, your dream birth involves getting an epidural as early in the process as possible, then supporting that is also important! 

When there were unexpected turns in my labor, she framed everything in a calm and affirming way- which really helped me relax.’

-Hannah, 2021 client

“I consulted remotely with Michelle over the course of my induction and labor. She helped me feel empowered and supported for the entire experience. I highly recommend her for her calm demeanor, knowledge and helpful suggestions.

-Sonja, 2020 client

MA is a compassionate, enthusiastic, patient, attentive and knowledgeable birth doula. We spent quality time with her during labor and she was a necessary part of the team. There was someone in the elevator saying “a doula usually doesn’t stay so late with the parents” when we were transferring from l&d to postpartum at the hospital and she surely did stay with us until we really settled down and felt comfortable with ourselves only. not much else to ask for a third person to support when in labor. highly recommended.

anonymous papa, 2022 client

My goal is to help you have the most “you” birth experience possible, whether that’s at home, in a pool, in a hospital or birth center, with or without all (or some) that medical technology can offer. 

I’m based in Sunnyside, and work in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and south Bronx. Inquire about further out, exceptions for home birth!