A bit about me…

I’m excited to get to know you, and how I can best support you in your birth experience. To help you decide if I’m the right doula for you, here’s some of my story:

What brought me here

Niece #1
Waiting for niece #2

My journey into birth work began when I was invited to witness the birth of my first niece (now in college!). Despite a late-term induction, my sister labored without pain medication, but with a full delivery suite of friends and family supporting and cheering her on. Two years later, I was also present for her little sister’s birth, an entirely different experience but no less joyful. I learned the importance of support, in whatever capacity is best for that birth, that person. A dozen years later, I gave birth in my apartment, with 5 people in attendance, who each brought something special and vital to my experience. My doula was especially fantastic- guiding both my partners in ways they could be most useful. I felt so lucky to have my child in the way that I felt was best for me, and my goal is for every birthing person I work with to feel the same. I had continued my circus training until 38 weeks (my baby was born at 42 weeks, 6 days before I turned 40!) and feel that the physical preparation I consistently do for my art was also extremely beneficial in my labor and delivery! Guiding my students through the same intense physical drilling has honed my coaching skills, allowing me to focus on what works best for each individual, a gift I also bring to labor support. 

Values: Communication, honesty, positivity, evidence, following your heart/gut


DONA Certification granted August, 2021

Continuing Education courses with Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings (BADT)

  • Abortion Doula Course, April 2021
  • Queer & Trans Reproductive Support Course, August 2021
  • Fertility & Conception Support Course, April 2022

Workshop: Spinning Babies® October 2021

Certified Lactation Support Counselor, March 2022

Workshop: “Pelvic Shape, Fetal Positioning, and Obstetrical Bias: The Role of Pelvic
Shape Classification and Optimal Fetal Positioning in the Perpetuation of Bias in Childbirth”, Blossoming Bellies, February 2023

“official” bio

from my prenatal photoshoot

Michelle has a varied background, including a degree in Visual Art (photography), decades of training in dance, physical theater and rock climbing experience. She has been a teaching artist and professional baker, among many other things. She relocated to NYC in 2005 and has worked as an aerial instructor and performer ever since. Mostly hanging from her partners in La Cage Trio, she has performed in venues as storied as Judson Church, the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, and Webster Hall. She is proud to be a founding partner of Circus Warehouse and Loki Circus Theater and enjoys coaching, creating, and performing. Since the pandemic forced the Warehouse to close, she has pursued new adventures in birth work, and believes her long experience as a circus coach has real relevance! Giving birth, like training for the circus, is physically and mentally intense and is best undertaken with compassionate, enthusiastic support. When not riding a cargo bike around the city, with an 8 year old and 50 lbs of other stuff onboard, she is often cooking, knitting, or gardening.

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