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Partnership Model

If you desire, I sometimes work in partnership with my fellow Sunnyside Doulas, primarily Angelica Kennedy or Jasmine Thorson.

When working as partners, we both attend your prenatal and postpartum meetings, and split the “on call” time for your labor and delivery, similar to many midwifery practices. Our sliding scale for this model is $2000-2500.

Solo Doula Birth Service

The birth package includes 1 or 2 prenatal visits in your home, other place of your choice, or via video chat to go over your preferences, birth plan, q&a, etc. I will be on-call for you from 37 weeks through birth with anytime phone/text support. When your labor begins (spontaneously or as scheduled) I will meet you at home/place of birth, as determined in your prenatal meeting, and stay with you post-birth until feeding is established and you feel ready to have private family time. I will visit you at home within 2 weeks postpartum to follow up . I am fully vaccinated against covid-19 so all services can be in person.

Pricing Information

I believe that everyone who wants professional labor support should get it. I offer a sliding fee scale, from $1200-2200. I’m also open to bartering/trade; let’s talk about options.

Backup Information

I am proud to be a founding member of the Sunnyside Doula Collective. We are a small group of doulas who work together to provide backup for each other. In the unlikely case I would become unable to provide support, one of my colleagues would cover for me, to make sure you are not left without support.

Other Services

I also offer support in the following areas:

  • for clients during their preconception experience
  • those seeking to terminate their pregnancies
  • those who desire additional lactation support

Please contact me to discuss these situations, as pricing and packages vary depending on circumstances.

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